Tuesday, November 11, 2008

your house

will you ever own your house. No! you never will even if you get it payed off you will always have to pay taxes on it. if you don't pay your property tax they will just take your home and kick you out. what a great country. is there a better way. hell ya there is. what about a flat tax. put a small tax on everything we buy. this way every one pays a tax. think about all the people who have never paid taxes. all the people on welfare, all the drug dealers, and the illegals. a flat taxes would make sure every one paid and it would generate more money than what property taxes do. O hows about keeping a better eye on how our taxes are being spent.
Maybe this way somebody who gets laid off or losses there job because it went over sea can keep something that they have already payed for and worked so hard to do so.

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