Tuesday, November 11, 2008

your house

will you ever own your house. No! you never will even if you get it payed off you will always have to pay taxes on it. if you don't pay your property tax they will just take your home and kick you out. what a great country. is there a better way. hell ya there is. what about a flat tax. put a small tax on everything we buy. this way every one pays a tax. think about all the people who have never paid taxes. all the people on welfare, all the drug dealers, and the illegals. a flat taxes would make sure every one paid and it would generate more money than what property taxes do. O hows about keeping a better eye on how our taxes are being spent.
Maybe this way somebody who gets laid off or losses there job because it went over sea can keep something that they have already payed for and worked so hard to do so.

if you work nothing is free

I am a united states marine corps Veteran. I work hard most every day. I got my first job at the age of 13 for a tree service and have had a job ever since. between my wife and my self we make good money. how ever i have to pay a lot for health insurance plus when i need to use it it cost even more. recently i hurt my knee. i had to go see my family doctor 25$ then see a specialist 25$ X rays 25$ for visit not yet billed for the X rays then back to specialist for the reading of the X rays 25$ then on to the MRI which had to be pre-approved by my insurance which took three days and 25$ for visit and not yet billed for MRI. then i and a choice a scoop or try rehab. i choose rehab ten treatments at 25$ and two 25$ appointments with the specialist to see how things are going. 400$ out of pocket and have not been billed for the x-rays and the MRI. i will end up spending if i don't need a scoop and more rehab around 800 to 1000$ so i can keep working. well why not go to the VA. well i would have to pay about the same because i "make to much" and would have to wait to get the care. how ever if i never worked a day and applied for welfare and or a med card it would have coasted me 0.00$ and would have not had to wait to get approved or go threw a family doctor. i could have went right to the ER for free (something that i would have to pay 100$ for) and got help right away it took me almost 60days to start rehab because i have health insurance that i pay for. so if you work and pay for health insurance it will continue to coast you to stay health and able to work O and it will take awhile to go threw the steps to get the care. if you don't work or pay for health care you can get fast treatments and best of all its free. not so you can get back to work but so you can do what ever people with no job do all day. may be go shopping with all the money that they get for food or maybe hang out in the house that they don't have to pay rent for.our taxes pay for that. what the hell is wrong with our country. O by the way these are the same people who keep voting to raise taxes why not they don't pay them. i can only pray that Obama will help change things.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Middle Class

The people who spend the most are more then likely the middle class. we buy cars, houses, i pods, and so on. the middle class is slowly becoming the new low class. you can see this big impact in are economy. who's loosing there homes. who's small business are closing down. this large group of people are hurting so they quit spending money. we don't need to bail out companies we need to improve the middle classes which in return will improve the economy. We are the one group that does not get a tax brake, but are tax money goes to CEO's 3 and 4 million dollar severances packages and weekend getaways. kind of crazy

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It is truly a sad day in America when a ten year old boy tells me that he dose not need to go to school. when i asked him how he was going to get a job. he told me he did not need a job. i then asked how he was going to get money. he replied i will be on welfare.

what has gone wrong with our country? we have family's that are third and fourth generation welfare and have never worked a day in there life or work under the table. They sell or trade there food stamps or EBT card for drugs. (not all but 90% )

What the hell was Welfare developed for to help people in need or to be a full time pay check for generation of lazy people. now there are some people on welfare that truly need it but there are fare more people using and abusing the system.

i was in line at the pharmacy listening to a thirty something woman yelling at the pharmacist because her medical card would not pay for fertility pills for her 17 year old. she said out loud that she did not know how her 17 year old was going to take care of her self with out welfare and she need to have a baby. So this is why we have kids raising kids. kids with no work ethics, morals, and now education.

When i lived along the Ohio river my neighbor was a Vietnam veteran. the helicopter he was in was getting shoot at and he feel out. he brook both his feet and legs. he was a union painter until he was laded off (over 20yrs). When he went down to get help they told him NO. he made to much money the year before. He asked for a med card for his son he was told NO. they told him if he sold some of his stuff ( house, truck, Etc.) and came back in six month then maybe they could help him.

What is wrong? people who work their whole life and cant get help when they need it but people who never work a day are set for life at 17. HUD pays for their house, food stamps pay for all their food, free health care. set for life. We need to set limits. why don't we make them find jobs after so long, drug test, something we give away to much of our tax money to people who steal from use and are strung out on pills and dope. we need to start rebuilding are great country and start with a welfare reform.